2011 & 2012 Results

2012 Results

Below are a listing of the results from the 2012 edition of Hell Hath No Hurry. I'd like to thank all runners and volunteers who came out and participated in this event. It was my pleasure to organize the event and support you through the finish. That said, the event did not go off without its hitches. We had some runners get lost on the route, others fell and one runner experienced severe cramping. Everyone left happy and healthy though, nonetheless.

Below are rough estimates of distances completed before the time limit of 4 or 8 hours, respectively. I calculated the distances as follows 1x Big Loop = 6 miles; 5 X Big Loop = 31 miles, 1 X Small Loop = 1 Mile.

Overall, I think everyone had a great time at the event and it taught me A LOT about everything that goes into directing a race. Race directing is not an easy task. I would like to personally thank Kevin Smith of Elite Runners and Walkers for all of his help. Jason Slepsky for help with scouting and marking the course. Lora Gress, Eric Ripper, and Mike Frere for coming out to volunteer at the Aid Station, help with registration, first aid, BBQing and timing. Looking forward to planing out next years event and seeing all of you back out there on the trails.

Happy Running!

Peter Kozlowski

Race Director HHNH-2012

2011 Results

HHNH - 6 Hour Results - 2011